Studio Policies

Maintaining a safe and inclusive space for all our staff and students is a priority to Sapphire Circus Arts please read our studio policies before attending classes. Updated: Mar 24, 2024

Studio Rules - For your Safety
  1. No one can use the equipment unless supervised by a Sapphire Circus Arts coach.
  2. Every participant must have signed a liability waiver to participate in a class – activity involving height has the potential for injuries such as strains, sprains, dislocations, breaks to bone structures, serious head/neck injury, paralysis and even death.
  3. Notify a Sapphire instructor of any physical or emotional limitations (physical, mental, or emotional) that may affect your participation and/or safety (e.g. exhaustion, soreness, difficulty with attention, etc).
  4. A clean studio is a safe studio – please, keep shoes and food out of the training space. You may bring water in a plastic or metal container (no glass).
  5. In case of emergency or injury, please immediately notify your coach. There is a first aid kit and AED onsite.
  6. Please do not arrive any earlier than 10 minutes prior to your class
  7. No guests without prior approval are allowed to observe classes (including kid’s classes).
  8. The gym is passively video monitored and video can be pulled for up to 30 days. If an incident happened in the gym please notify Erin as soon as possible.
  9. Observation among participants and coaches is important for learning. If you would like a more private environment to learn in please let us know, private lessons are available.
  10. The Supervising Coach is in charge.
  11. The Supervising Coach has the authority to refuse or expel anyone.
  12. All accidents/incidents must be reported to the Supervising Coach.
  13. All equipment must be returned to its original place by the user.
  14. Only familiar or known skills on their respective apparatuses may be practised. In other words, students and guests may not perform new or unfamiliar skills without the supervision of a coach for safety reasons.
  15. No footwear allowed on the gym floor.
Photo / Video Policy
  • Coach permission is required for any video or photography during class time.
  • You are not permitted to record a coach without their knowledge and consent.
  • When approved by a coach you only have permission to record yourself. No other participant should be recorded without their knowledge or their permission being given.
Spotting Policy

Aerial circus often requires active spotting, which is a physical touch to guide or support the movement. Verbal consent will be required from all participants for spotting. In the case of an emergency, a physical spot may be required without consent in order to prevent harm or injury.

Open Training Policy
  • Open training is available to any adult (age 16+) in good standing with an account and signed waiver who has sufficient aerial experience as determined by a coach.
  • Participants will be supervised but not taught.
  • Open training time is for practising skills you know.
  • Only use equipment you have training on.
  • You do not have to take classes with Sapphire to qualify for open training, but you must be able to train safely without instruction.
  • If you are consistently behaving in an unsafe way you will be asked to leave. No refund will be provided.
  • Ask permission before offering feedback to others’ training in the studio. If a person says they do not want feedback, respect their wishes.
  • Video yourself and not others (see Photo/Video policy).
  • Participants should not be teaching other participants. Refer to the open training monitor for questions.
Injury Policy

Training while injured regardless of where the injury was sustained can be dangerous. If a medical professional has advised against training due to an injury, please do as they have instructed. If you attend classes against medical advice Sapphire is not responsible for delayed healing, re-injury or worsened injuries caused by aerial training.

If you miss a class due to injury you may replace up to 1 class per session with 1 open training. Missed classes can also be sold or traded between participants of a similar level and are to be arranged by the participants and notification sent to informing us of the change. 

If the nature/severity of the injury will prevent you from completing the session, participants are welcome to sell remaining classes to another participant of the same level. We are unable to offer refunds or credits once a session has been registered for.

Late Arrival Policy

All participants must complete a warm up before moving into the air. If you are late please self direct your warm up and complete any additional warm up requests your coach makes. If you are more than 30 minutes late and depending on the lesson plan you may be asked to sit and watch or work on conditioning until a coach is able to provide you further instructions. Safety is the most important thing.

Missed classes/Cancellation Policy

Adult classes: If you miss a class due to schedule, illness, or injury you may replace up to 1 class per session with 1 open training, to be completed in the same session. Missed classes can also be sold or traded between participants of a similar level and are to be arranged by the participants and notification sent to informing us of the change. If there is a similar levelled class at another time with space in it you may request to join that class as a replacement for a missed class. This is based on availability and coach permission. If there is no space in a similar levelled class, no make-up class will be provided for missed classes.

Kid classes: If there is a similar levelled class at another time with space in it you may request to join that class as a replacement for a missed class. This is based on availability and coach permission. If there is no space in a similar levelled class no make-up class will be provided for missed classes.

Cancellation Policy: Participants are welcome to sell classes to another participant of the same level. We are unable to offer refunds or credits once a session has been registered for.

Emergency Action Plan

If an aerialist, student, or anyone in the facility has a life-threatening emergency, one person should stay with them and call 911.


  • Indicate your need for an ambulance
  • Our Studio Address: 9527-49 Street Edmonton, AB (Inside Dreams Gymnastics Academy)
  • Dreams landline: 780-440-0014
  • Erin (owner) cell: 780-993-0001
  • Injured person’s approximate age and medical issue (i.e. head injury, spine injury, heart condition, etc.)
  • Directions to our facility:
    • We are in a warehouse bay inside Dreams Gymnastics Academy, enter through the door labelled “Dreams Entrance” and walk straight down the hall.

A second person should be waiting at the entrance to help responders to the injured. This person should also call the injured person’s emergency contact if they are not already present.

A third person should serve as a ‘runner’ to retrieve medical supplies and first aid necessities as needed for the first person that is with the injured.

A fourth person should take responsibility for the other students, aerialists, and people in the facility and ensure that the area around the injured is clear.


  • Strathcona Community Hospital, 9000 Emerald Dr, Sherwood Park (780-449-5380‬) – 15km *shortest drive time.
  • Royal Alexandra Hospital, 11026A 102 St NW (780-735-4111) – 8.9km
  • University of Alberta Hospital, 8440 112 St NW (780-407-8822‬) – 9.0km
  • Grey Nuns Community Hospital, 1100 Youville West Dr NW (780-735-7000‬) – 10km

Our main entrance closest to classes held is under the ‘Dream Entrance’ sign and is facing west.

AED is located at the Front desk on the Rec Side of the gym

Fire extinguishers are located:

  • Supply closet next to bathrooms rec side of gym (marked employees only) *this is closest one
  • Next to the lift doors
  • Next to the middle back door behind the big foam pit *hard to access
  • Supply closet on the Comp side of gym

Fire alarms are next to every door

  1. All rigging points are a minimum distance of 8’ apart.
  2. Sapphire equipment will either be quarantined for 72 hours or disinfected with Vital Oxide at the end of the day.
  3. Hand sanitizer is available at our entry point and in the training space.
  4. Participants are reminded to exhibit good etiquette (i.e. sneezing or coughing into the crook of their elbow or a tissue)
  5. Students, instructors and staff who become symptomatic will be asked to mask immediately and to isolate themselves from others.

Frequently Asked

What do I wear?

Wear comfortable, form-fitting athletic clothing covering your legs and your stomach (you may also want something covering your armpits). Please do not wear clothing with velcro/zippers/buttons/buckles. Please do not wear jewelry that could get caught on equipment. If your instructor is concerned about any hard-to-remove jewelry, you will have the option of removing it or covering it up. Please keep your nails short and tidy (not sharp) – long nail extensions can be a hazard and will create challenges on the equipment.

Where are you? I'm lost.

Sapphire Circus Arts is inside of Dreams Gymnastics Academy. Check the contact page for a map and picture of the location. There is a big sign that says ‘Dreams Entrance’ over the door, go in there and someone will direct you.

Facility/Equipment Information
  • 18′ working vertical space (20′ to roof)
  • 6 fixed points that can be silks, hoop, loop, trapeze or straps
  • Cubbies for your things
  • 2 gender-neutral bathrooms
  • Reception area with seating
Accessibility of facility?

Wheelchair Access?

Our parking lot has 1 accessible parking stall and a wheelchair ramp to the right of the door. There is a small bump into the lobby by the door. Since we are in a gymnastics club mats and things can be left laying around, please let us know ( your needs and we will make sure the path is clear.

Service Dog?

Service dogs are always welcome. Please contact us prior to your first visit ( so that we can help you (and us) be prepared.

Limb Difference?

We all have unique bodies. Limb difference doesn’t mean you can’t do aerials. But it does mean we will be working together to find adaptations that work for you, so one-on-one training might work best to start. Please reach out ( to get started.

Limited Vision or other Medical Concerns?

Please let us know (, we want to work with you and keep you safe while learning.


We don’t currently have a coach who knows ASL but we would still love to work with you and find an interpreter. Please email

Are there any prerequisites for the classes?

Yes, there are requirements for certain classes. Level or skill requirements will be posted in class descriptions. Classes might also be ‘level locked’ and only accessible if your account is tagged to a certain level. If you have any questions or need your level re-assessed ask your instructor or email us.

If you are new to Sapphire and have previous circus experience, please contact Erin before registering so we can set up your account with the best match for you. You will be asked to provide details about your past experience and you may be required to book a half-hour assessment with one of our instructors.

What should I bring?
  • Water bottle (plastic or metal – NO glass)
  • Yoga mat (optional)
  • Notebook (optional)
  • Phone – for photos/video (optional)
  • Training aids such as yoga block, bands, weights (optional)
Can I bring my own silks/loop/trapeze/hoop?

Sorry, all of our points are fixed. Due to limited time between classes, we will not be able to accommodate students’ own equipment at this time. All of our equipment is cleaned between classes and is ready for you to use.

Does it hurt?

Your hands and muscles may be sore a day or two after class. This is normal.

But, yes, circus can sometimes hurt. It’s worth it, we promise.

When can I train?

Open training is offered and is based on available points during Sapphires operating hours when an instructor is available to monitor you. You may practice what you know, but will not be actively taught during open training. Please see the registration page for times when training is available.

Can I watch my kids class?

Due to limited space inside the Constellation room no viewing of these classes is available at this time unless invited by the coach.

I was a Firefly Student, what level am I?

Firefly level 1 = Beginner 1
Firefly level 2 = Beginner 2
Firefly level 3 = Intermediate 1
Firefly level 4 = Intermediate 2
Firefly level 4/5 or 5 = Advanced 1
Firefly level 5/6 = Advanced 2
Firefly level 6 = Advanced 3

Trapeze or Hoop
Firefly level 1 = Beginner 1
Firefly level 2 = Beginner 2
Firefly level 2.5 = Intermediate 1
Firefly level 3 = Intermediate 2
Firefly level 3.5 = Advanced 1
Firefly level 4 = Advanced 2

Firefly level 1 = Beginner
Firefly level 2 = Intermediate

Code of Conduct

This applies to all staff, students and visitors in our space. Updated: July 2, 2023

Sapphire Circus Arts mission is to provide an inclusive circus community where people feel inspired to express themselves both creatively and athletically. To do this we want to provide an environment where everyone feels safe to explore movement, both in the air and on the ground and feel safe and supported physically as well as emotionally.

Within our space everyone is treated with respect, regardless of gender, race, religion, physical ability, social status, age, size, or sexual orientation.

The following behaviours will not be tolerated:

  • Physical violence;

  • Verbal abuse;

  • Any form of harassment including sexual harassment;

  • Intimidation or threats;

  • Malicious or harmful statements about others;

  • Public disclosure of another’s private information;

  • Possession/solicitation/purchase of dangerous, illegal or unauthorized material; and

  • Participation/association with any terrorist or discriminatory organizations

Unkindness is not welcome within these walls. Please be kind – including to yourself. When speaking to other students please ask for consent when offering suggestions or feedback and leave the teaching to the coaches, that is what they are here for.

Students, staff and/or visitors who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be asked to leave the premises.

If you have been a victim of or a witness to any concerning behaviour, please contact the studio owner, Erin Dewar, at any time.

The Owner and staff of Sapphire Circus Arts reserve the right to exclude any person from accessing services as a consequence of violating this policy.